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The best materials for countertops

Choosing new countertops for your kitchen or bathroom can be an exciting process. In fact, for many homeowners, it’s the most exciting part of the entire remodeling process. However, many people wonder what the best materials are for this specific use, and we’re going to look at some of those today.

The material you choose will have a big impact on the overall lifespan of your counters. That means you should definitely give this aspect a little more time than you might have planned. At Wolde Flooring LLC, we know a thing or two about countertops, and we’re more than willing to pass that information along to you. We serve the areas of Madison, Huntsville, Athens, Hampton Cover, and Decatur, AL, with a showroom located in Madison, AL. Stop by at your convenience to see our counters and to ask any questions that you might have

Materials for your countertops

One of the most popular materials used for this purpose is granite, especially when the budget isn’t an issue. It is the epitome of elegance, and its beauty can make even the most mundane kitchen or bathroom look exquisite. It’s safe to say, it will probably be the last countertop you have installed, it holds up very well to heat, and you have the option of nearly 3,000 colors from which to choose.

Another popular option is engineered stone, which is made up of more than 90% quartz particles. You’ll have more colors to choose from than you would with granite, it resists scratching well, and it’s easy to take care of. Since it doesn’t have to be sealed every year, that’s one less procedure to worry about in the kitchen.
Countertops in Madison, AL at Wolde Flooring
Ceramic tile has been used in kitchens for almost as long as kitchens have been around, maybe longer. Some of the best things about this countertop material, is that it’s easy to clean, it won’t react to hot pans being put on it, and there are many colors, textures and designs to choose from. It’s a great choice for the homeowner who is working within a budget, as you can find something in nearly every price range.