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What to look for in the perfect carpet

Choosing the perfect carpet can take a bit more time than you might think. While it is definitely one of the most popular floor coverings among homeowners, there are plenty of options to go along with it. This is even more the case, thanks to new technology that makes even the former pitfalls of carpet a thing of the past.

For instance, it’s highly likely that at least one person has tried to discourage you from buying this particular floor covering. They might cite the fact that “carpet is just too easy to stain”. Or maybe they’ve offered the well-intentioned warning that, “carpeting causes your allergies to get worse”.

At Wolde Flooring, customer service is our number one priority. We want to make sure you are perfectly matched up with the best flooring for your home. Serving the areas of Madison, Huntsville, Athens, Hampton Cove, and Decatur, AL, our showroom is located in Madison, AL. If you will stop by at your convenience, we’ll be happy to show you our full line of flooring and answer any questions that you might have as well.

The best carpet for you

As we previously mentioned, this flooring no longer carries some of the problems it once did. Now, stain resistance and hypoallergenic fibers can be manufactured right in, even with specific protection against pet stains and odors.

The particular fiber makeup is also greatly important to your overall decision. This is where the rubber meets the road, so to speak, in how your flooring will perform under the specific conditions in your home. If you have a home in which high traffic is normal, you shouldn’t choose a tall, plush material that crushes easily. You’ll need something that takes the everyday wear and tear without breaking down.
Choosing the right fiber has a huge impact on the overall lifespan of your flooring, but it’s not the only factor. Many people attempt to save a bit of money, especially when working within a budget, and skip the padding that goes underneath. This is a bad idea that will drastically cut down on the lifespan of this material.

Another thing that will affect the lifespan of your floors, is making sure they are properly cared for. Vacuuming should be a regular occurrence, as should professional cleanings, at least once a year. You can also use runners and area rugs as a method of preventative maintenance.

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