Vacuums & Sweepers: Soniclean Vacuum and Bissel BG9100NM Sweeper

Soniclean - The Sonic Powered Vacuum Cleaner
Give your soft carpets the gentle, yet powerful boost of sonic cleaning power. Soniclean's patented sonic bar on the bottom of the vacuum produces 200 sonic vibrations every second, proven to effectively loosen up the embedded dirt and allergens in your carpet pile for a more thorough clean!

Bissell BG9100NM Rechargeable Cordless Sweeper
Bissell BG9100NM
The BISSELL Commercial BGPR9100NM is a battery operated sweeper. It has a Nickle-Metal Hydride battery with a 90 minute run time. The sweeper works on carpet, hardwood floors, tile, cement and many other surfaces. Included with the unit is a pet brush roll that makes picking up hair a breeze.